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World Bank to Restructure Loans

With the world still recovering from Covid and the escalation of tension among countries, debt restructuring has become a prime issue of the World Bank. This all comes as the World Bank plans to have its annual Spring Meeting. David Malpass, head of the bank, stated that the goal is to “discuss current challenges and actions that can strengthen growth and stability”. One of the key proposals is lowering debt-service payments. This would help countries land new loans while also ensuring debt repayment. One of the greatest challenges facing many of these countries is debt overhang. Essentially, some countries have taken on so much debt that it is almost impossible for them to generate more capital to finance future projects. These implementations could also help western countries combat China’s Belt and Road initiative, making it easier for third world countries to pay back loans. If successful, the World Bank will be making significant strides towards their goals of ending poverty and promoting shared prosperity worldwide. 

Complex Terms:

  • Debt Service – ​​the money required to cover the payment of interest and principal on a loan or other debt for a particular time period
  • Debt Overhang -a debt burden so large that an entity cannot take on additional debt to finance future projects

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